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The first thing to get clear is whether or not you have to buy an extended warranty or, as it is sometimes known, service contract.Write an Article Request a New Article Answer a Request More Ideas.

You may have to pay upfront for repairs and a claim may be deemed ineligible if you take your car to an authorised place for repairs or servicing.You can read up on online car forums as well as specialist magazines to find out about particular models.

Buying a new or used car can be one of the most. and covers vehicle sales by licensed car dealers in California. or a warranty/repair dispute with a...Exclusive policies are considerably more expensive than inclusive policies.

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For example, you might find a better deal with your main car insurance provider rather than the car dealership.Warranty When Buying A Used Car - Protect your new or used vehicle against mechanical breakdown and buy an extended car warranty to stop paying for unexpected car.If you are buying a used car to tide you over, an extended warranty may not be a good choice.All of this information should be reflected in the rate you are quoted, but it is a good idea to be fully informed.When you are shopping around you should keep it in mind that there are a vast number of potential suppliers for extended warranties on cars.

You can buy an extended warranty at any point after you have bought the car.You may, however, find that as the car gets appreciably older the rates will go up.

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Also consider the standard of your local roads which will affect the wear and tear the car suffers.Find tips on what to do when buying a new or used car. Buying a Car.

For example, if a covered part has become damaged by a part that is not covered, you may not be able to claim for the repair.Buying on the day you purchase your car makes it possible to roll the cost of the extended warranty in with your.Save money on fixing problems with a used car extended warranty. It can.Buying a warranty for a used car has more negative stigma around it than even buying a used car that breaks down after a week.Extended warranties can be expensive, making the cost of the car even more than originally envisaged.The comment I would like to make is the car dealers make every effort for you to purchase a extended warranty when buying a new car. out on a used car (no warranty).

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This means being clear on where you can take the car if you need a repair and how the repair is processed.

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A certified pre-owned car with a warranty provided by the manufacturer is the safest bet in the used-car world.It may be stipulated in the contract that you only take the car to a specific dealer for maintenance.When deciding which car to buy, make sure you check the auto warranty that comes with the vehicle.Before you agree to anything you need to understand how claims are handled.When Buying A Used Car - Get an extended warranty and stop paying for costly car repairs.

About two years ago, I was on the hunt for a used vehicle, a truck to be specific.Car and Driver presents What You Need to Know About Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Car. new-car warranty or. seller or buying a non-certified used car and.

To avoid this, be sure you know what you have to do and keep full and complete records of the actions you have taken.Generally you will not be required to buy an extended warranty, it will be an optional extra.You can try to add up the amount you have spent on repairs in the previous years and compare it to the cost of the extended warranty.Dealerships sometimes offer warranties that are backed by third parties, not the car manufacturer.As part of the contract, you may be required to do certain things to keep the contract valid.