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Scottish independence. Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale privately told her Labour needed to embrace new referendum. can change as the date.Voters in Scotland will decide on Sept. 18, 2014, whether to pursue independence after First Minister Alex Salmond set the date for a referendum he hopes.

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The Scottish National Party are a left of centre, social democratic and progressive party with representatives in the Scottish Parliament, Westminster, European.Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond made a statement at the Scottish Parliament, setting out the date of the referendum next year, stating the question that will be on the ballot paper, and opened the debate for the Referendum Bill.

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The latest news, live coverage and results for the 2014 Scottish independence referendum from the BBC.

U.K. Braces for a Nail-Biter in Scottish Independence. Sept. 18 independence referendum—and from exactly. envisaged date for the break-up of.Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has refused to rule out a second independence referendum, and suggested that fall 2018 would be a likely date.

Theresa May aims to block the Scottish Referendum due to the upcoming Brexit Talks and feels that this should not take place until after Brexit.Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond made a statement at the Scottish Parliament, setting out the date of the. no going back on the Scottish referendum.With the Scottish Referendum (Sept. 18, 2014) drawing close, H-nationalism has created this page to.Scottish nationalists seeking to break away from the U.K. gained ground, cutting the lead of those in favor of the union to nine percentage points with two months.Scottish referendum: the results as they come in. They do so with some justification, however.

I made my living for many years as a negotiator, in employee relations, then as a consultant and trainer in negotiation and negotiating skills.Either way, the referendum paves the way for Wales to choose whether to be separate, putting an end to their Acts of Union with England, dating back to 1536 and 1543.

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With the referendum in mind, the Scottish government is putting forward legislation proposing that 16 and 17 year olds be allowed to vote in the referendum.If the voting produces a decisive no vote, it is unlikely (but not impossible) that the Scottish independence movement will recover from that setback any time soon.

The long-awaited referendum on independence for Scotland is finally happening this week, as Scots vote yes or no to the question of whether they want their nation to.Will there be a second Scottish Independence referendum and what has Nicola Sturgeon said about. the second referendum before it can be pencilled in for a date.The 1707 Act of Union, bringing together England and Scotland, will have to be repealed, either directly or implied, bringing to end over 300 years of political unity (and disunity) between the two countries.Contract Details Long shares win if the result of the Scottish independence referendum is Yes for the independence (pass).The long-awaited date for the historic ballot which could change the shape of the United Kingdom is unveiled at Holyrood.

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If the referendum does produce a result in favour of an independent Scotland, it will mean that the United Kingdom will cease to be so united.

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In their manifesto for the 2016 Scottish elections, the SNP stipulated conditions under which they would seek a second independence referendum.

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When will be Scottish Referendum Salmond-Darling Debate next episode air date.

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English: A graph of polls on the en:Scottish independence referendum, 2014.

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Only using Panelbase polls, because the different polling companies produce.The Scottish Parliament suspends vote on second independence referendum following. debate on the second independence referendum at a later date.Scotland is the second largest country in the United Kingdom—smaller than England but larger in area and population than Wales and Northern Ireland combined.