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He bases his forecasts on technical analysis known as Elliott Wave.

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Elliott Wave Network: Socionomics Institute Social Mood Conference Robert Prechter Deflation New Classics Library.I was looking at a chart of Dow Jones Industrial and noticed that we would be getting to the very end of a cycle.Applying this idea to trading Elliott, Figure 1 shows a five-minute chart of the Dow Industrial e-mini futures with a five-part impulse wave.

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ELLIOTT WAVES, FIBONACCI AND STATISTICS. occur in cycles in the Dow.Based on my Elliott Wave count, it is highly unlikely that the Dow Jones Industrial Index has completed its bear market.

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Elliott Wave Basics — Impulse Patterns The impulse pattern consists of five waves.

Long Term Elliott Wave Update for SP 500 and Dow Jones: Alternative to Prechter and Others. 10.5.10 - This post is for educational purposes only.Receive accurate daily Elliott Wave analysis at three degrees of trend on EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, GOLD, and DOW JONES Monday to Friday.

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The strong monthly reversal from the measured move target I think can strongly suggests a.Matt Lampert, Director of Research at the Socionomic Institute, explains the affect terrorism has on the stock market and tells you what to watch out for in the future, all in this 3-minute interview.

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Yet, since the financial crisis, the CAC 40, DAX and Euro Stoxx 50 have already more than doubled.

Wave Structure: downward impulse wave 1, 2 blue Short term wave count: lower in wave 3 green Long term wave count: lower in wave 3 blue.Chapter 4 of Elliott Wave Principle offers 14 idealized diagrams of situations where the.

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The Socionomic Theory of Finance presents the 13-year-long work of Robert Prechter, plus 21 contributions from 12 other scholars, writers, researchers and analysts.

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Exactly a month back, on 18th August, when we discussed the Elliott Wave outlook for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, we identified 11725 as a key level.

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I cannot stress more how greatly valuable your work is to my day-to-day management of positions, timing, and risk taking as a whole.The Elliott wave principle is a form of technical analysis that finance traders use to analyze financial market cycles and forecast market trends by identifying.