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Its share price has risen 2.72% in three months and is up 0.54% for the last five.Enter your username and password to securely view and manage your Wells Fargo Advisors accounts online.The reason for this consistency relates back to a number of items.

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Granted a good bit of shareholder dilution took place during the recession, but it follows that these comparisons are done on a per share basis.

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A lot of people are concerned with regulation and uncertainty.

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Per share profits could be perhaps 15% higher as a result of that avenue alone.Second, you have a very deep-rooted customer base, as Wells has been able to cross-sell products to the tune of an average of six accounts per client.Even with returns on equity dropping from 19% down to 11%, Wells Fargo is still generating three times the amount of profits that it was 10 years ago.

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Moreover, the returns generated for shareholders have been impressive as well.

For the prospective investor, the slower potential growth has led to lower valuations and well above average dividend yields.The company was founded by Henry Wells and William G. Fargo.

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Wells Fargo announced that the Fed did not object to its plan, but has been a bit cryptic with regard to the exact specifics.

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Greater capital requirements equal less leverage equals more difficult growth.A Perfect Time To Remember Its Competitive Advantage. Is Wells Fargo A Buy Today.

With regard to regulation, future growth may indeed slow but you have a number of factors still working in your favor.

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Wells Fargo has still provided more than solid results over the years.What makes this interesting is the current share price of Wells Fargo.For one thing, lower margins certainly do not necessitate that growth is over.

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This means that a greater portion of shareholder returns will be derived from share buybacks.

So you have more funds and a lower valuation, leading to more effective share repurchase programs.A former Bank of North America branch in Philadelphia remains in operation today as a Wells Fargo branch. Wachovia.The company has been very successful both over the long-run, and in more recent history.Price History; Dividends & Splits – Upcoming Dividends...This can come from loan or product growth, potentially higher rates and the now more effective share repurchase program.

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Ideally I like to keep a longer-term mindset, but for the purposes of a prospective investment opportunity five years ought to offer a reasonable view.

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Moreover, instead of Wells Fargo paying out 40% to 50% of its profits in the form of dividends as had been the norm prior the financial crisis, now the company is only returning 35% or so in cash payments.So less growth potential, but also less blow up potential as well.

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Wells Fargo (WFC) is one of just 34 blue-chip dividend stocks in the.Rowe Price Institutional Equity Income Managed CIT: F-N: TR-.

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Analysts are presently anticipating high single-digit growth for the company over the intermediate-term.

Wells Fargo Dow Jones Target Today Fund (closed) N--Wells Fargo Dow Jones Target 2010.At this level, using the above assumption, you come to a total expected gain of over 10% per annum.Note that the numbers are slightly skewed from what was detailed above as a result of timing.Independent Directors of Wells Fargo Conducting Investigation of Retail Banking Sales Practices and Related Matters.In addition, we can think about the potential dividend payments.Namely, a reasonable valuation coupled with a solid and well-covered dividend to go along with a now more effective share repurchase program.Investors looking for exposure to the banking sector should consider Wells Fargo at current prices.

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